Drone capabilities

Flight times

Whether hovering perfectly still or delivering packages, SOAPdrones has flight times far superior to anything currently on the market. Our current design flies for more than three hours and we have a new design in the works that will deliver double that!

Payload capacities

Current market payload capacities sit at around 1-2kg. In photography, surveillance, or package delivery that can be extremely limiting. SOAPdrones can carry a payload of up to 10kg while still flying for three hours or more!


Safety and durability

Standing next to any military drone can feel dangerous, especially the unmanned helicopters! SOAPdrones are designed to ensure your personal safety without compromising the strength and flight capacity of our drone. SOAPdrones have no exposed blades! 

Size and weight

Are you thinking our drones must be big and heavy? Not at all! At one metre square, they're about the size of a coffee table and weigh just under 25 kilos. Our drones are the perfect size to land on rooftops, parking spaces, or in your backyard.

Vertical take-off and landing

With innovative vertical take-off and landing designs featuring high stability and no exposed blades, our drones can easily be deployed in any condition. Whether launching/landing in a storm, on the deck of a moving ship or atop a moving truck bed or car, our drones' stability will meet your needs.

Hovering and speed

Our drones achieve speeds up to 110kph yet still achieve superior three hour flight times whether hovering or on the move. Are you using drones for hover functionality? By using SOAPdrones' capability you won't need to launch on location; the drone can transport itself there and hover for longer periods than current market drones.