In an industry where business logic is focused on short-term drone applications, SOAPdrones is developing a platform for the future.


A branch of information technology which deals with the long-distance transmission of computerised information. Our servers handle request from the website to the drones and vice-versa, efficiently controlling remote drone fleets.

Application interface (API)

We're developing an API to allow other drones and applications to integrate into our systems seamlessly.



Graphical user interface

Web-based user interfaces focusing on software as a service (SaaS), allowing device mash on just about any type of user interface.


Artificial intelligence (AI)

We are building AI that will harness decisions pilots face while flying and mimic human skills, programming these parameters into computers to replace the need for a pilot.



We are building systems that will work seamlessly with international air traffic control and safety regulation organisations. 

Real-time data (RTD)

We have developing capability to take thousands of aerial images and turn them into a 3D map on demand.